Good Health Is Our Birth-Right

You Can Be Healthy

You can be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, irrespective of race, culture and religion


Grandmaster Wong and his senior disciple, Dr Damian Kissey

Good health is our birth-right. We are by nature healthy. In this website I shall share with you my knowledge and experience as a chi kung grandmaster in helping literally hundreds of people to be healthy. Many of these people were chronically ill before.

As we are by nature healthy, illness is an unnatural state. This means that illness, any illness, is temporary and can be rectified. Understandably, to those who have been ill for a long time and have been used to the idea that their illness is "incurable", this claim may sound outlandish, or, more positively, too good to be true.

I can assure you that this claim is true, and is made earnestly, substantiated not only by sound medical philosophy but also by hundreds of actual case histories. To comprehend the truth of this claim, you have first of all to realize that the conventional western medical paradigm of looking at health and illness is not necessarily the only correct way.

Another way is to use the traditional Chinese medical paradigm, which actually has maintained the health and sanity of the largest population of the world for the longest period of known history. In case someone thinks that traditional Chinese medicine is primitive or unscientific, he or she may derive some inspiration from the fact that at a time barely three hundred years ago when western medicine employed cupping and bloodletting to treat virtually all diseases and confined the psychologically ill to asylums as possessed by spirits, the Chinese had been treating physical and psychological illness successfully for more than thirty centuries!

It is categorically stated here that this website is never meant to undermine conventional western medicine; personally, I believe that conventional western medicine has, and will continue to have, an essential role in modern societies, and in many cases conventional western medical treatment is more effective than traditional Chinese one.

The main aim of this website is to provide authentic information, which may not be easily available in the West due to linguistic, cultural and other reasons, on how and why many so-called "incurable" diseases like asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney problems, maniac-depression, nervousness and sexual inadequacy can be cured by practising chi kung. This can be easily and logically explained using the Chinese medical paradigm.

According to Chinese medical philosophy, there is no such a thing as an incurable disease, although a patient may be incurable if his illness, even a simple one, has done damage beyond a certain threshold. Every disease can be cured because we are by nature healthy.

Even a few minutes of reflection will reveal that this premise is true. Think of the millions of deadly germs that are around and inside you; think of the wear and tear that is constantly going on in your body; and think of the continual stress that affects your psyche. Yet you are not normally sick -- if your natural systems are working the way they should.

The Chinese figuratively describe this natural working of your bodily and mental systems as harmonious chi flow. In western terms it means that the chi or energy

is functioning the way it is supposed to.

The Chinese also symbolize this healthy interaction between the body's natural systems and all disease-causing factors as yin-yang harmony, yin representing the body's functions and yang the pathogenetic agents.

Sickness is unnatural; it occurs, as it sometimes does, when certain parts of the body fail in their natural functions. For example

you would be respectively infectiously, degeneratively or psychologically sick. The Chinese describe this sick condition, which is unnatural and temporary, as yin-yang disharmony.

There are countless immediate causes for this yin-yang disharmony, but the root cause may be generalized into two main categories, namely

  1. insufficient energy to work the systems
  2. energy blockage hindering energy to flow to where it is needed.
If you do not have sufficient antibodies to fight invading germs, for example, or if your mental impulses commanding repair work are disrupted, or if your negative emotions are trapped inside your body -- all of which manifest disharmonious energy flow -- you would be sick.

Health can be regained if you restore your yin-yang harmony. There are many different approaches, such as employing herbs, acupuncture, massage therapy, external medicine and chi kung, but the two fundamental tasks are

  1. to remove energy blockage
  2. to increase energy level.

The forte of chi kung is to clear energy blockage and to increase energy level. Chi kung, spelt as "qigong" in Romanized Chinese, is the art of developing energy, particularly for attaining health, vitality, longevity, mental freshness and inner peace.

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